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Hey! What’s With That Hairdo?

People tend to have their own unique style or preference when it comes to hairstyles. Most people want to look nice for work, family and friends but a few just want to...

It’s A Wal-Martian Invasion!

Wal-Mart! A place where people go to get low prices and apparently a place to exercise low self-esteem. Taking pictures of strange people at Wal-Mart has become an...

Rare Behind The Scenes Star Wars Pics

'Star Wars' is about family, and its characters have become like family to all of us. That's why the 'behind the scenes' photos feel like family pictures. Here's a peek...

These Celebrities Have Children Who Committed Suicide

Suicide is always a devastating and tragic event and some celebrities have lost their child in such a way.

Famous People Who Missed Death on 9/11

Many people know someone who died or survived on 9/11. Sometimes those people have names we recognize.

Celebrities with a Twin Who Died

There are a surprising number of celebrities who are a twin. In some cases, that twin has died.